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Jumat, 24 Desember 2010


MXKEY v3.4 revision 1.7

!!! SL3 MxKey !!!
!!! Time Control and Customer Satisfaction IN YOUR HANDS !!!

- Just activate SL3 on your MxKey and you get UNLIMITED unlocking for ANY supported SL3 phone.
- No more headache with getting "free-slot", no more overprices, no more customers angry because
not known when their phones is unlocked.

Now, with MxKey, ALL this controls is IN YOUR HANDS!

- All of this because we are First in the World who release LOCAL BRUTEFORCE.
- And we think our more then 200.000 smart owners of MxKey can have FAR AWAY
MORE CALCULATION POWER than any server who is offered now by other teams!

- Also, as usually, MXKEY NOT try to overprice (like other teams) and MXKEY offer
UNLIMITED SL3 unlocking just for a small cost of ONE TIME activation - 100 SL3 credits!

MXKEY v3.4 revision 1.7

 Download Here


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